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These photos were taken at Eastwood park in Dayton, Ohio. The orange red flowers was taken outside the hospital were my Mother had her procedure.

Yesterday, I took my Mother for her PET scan. Then, me and Caleb went to a nature park while she was having the procedure done. The PET scan was 3 hours long and by Monday we will know the results. She was informed that it was a $250.00 copay but they would help her with financial assistance when she gets the insurance bill. *Keep in mind that it has been nearly a month since she has worked.* This is why we see so many working retired Senior citizens. Her Social Security retirement currently pays her home mortgage. (real life/real news).

We prayed together in the parking lot prior to the procedure. Overall I feel more peaceful everyday knowing that God is in control. I except His will.

Reading Isaiah 65 today, I know what “we” “all” have to look forward to. Yes, I believe every Word and “warning”. I pray for us all🙏

~ I’m ready to fly ~


Cancer & Beyond #cancer #healthcare #thoughts

Photo taken on a evening walk, by me.

Nothing but blue skys

in-between all the why’s
hovering over all my sighs

rolling past the silence flys

filled with tears I’ve yet to cry

Nothing but blue skys.

I took my Mom to the cancer center today. The next step is a PET scan. The surgeon shared his thoughts and explained the seriousness of the cancer. On the way back my Mom turned to me and said, “Do you have any idea what this feels like to know I have cancer in my body?” It was as if she needed to say it out loud. She also let me know that if this was God’s will then she would die. However, she also said she’s not ready to die.

Romans 11:33

II Corinthians 4:16-18

There is always something to be thankful for. Today I’m thankful I spent time with my Mother.❤️

Autism & Cancer #autism #cancer #thoughts

IMG_20190822_112438748Photo taken by me today on a walk.

This is a hard post to write. I wish it was a recipe, some beautiful imagery or some heartfelt poetry. Instead, I share thoughts of autism and cancer.

IMG_20190820_204504086Sunset in Ohio taken by me.

For those that don’t know I’m a Mother, advocate and voice of a 28 year old autistic. His autism comes with a splash of ADHD and seizure disorder. The paramedics was at our home a couple of weeks ago to help me get him out of a half bathroom because of a grand mal seizure. His home healthcare began when he was 22. He has had the same neurologist since he was 15 (he is an expert in his field). He has already documented that my son has to have 24/7 care. Also, my son’s family Doctor has also stated this. His home healthcare agency told me in December to ask for more hours through the State. This was in consideration of him and I getting older. At the time, I felt like it was to soon to do that. Then, in March when I had to have an emergency surgery I realized he had to have more services and hours. What if I really did get sick? What if I had to be in a hospital multiple days? My Mother and sister helped after my surgery (I was fortunate) but what if they couldn’t? The Doctor, home healthcare agency and me began this unbelievable red tape paperwork hurdle in April. Now, it is August and even switched his State insurance (all State insurance comes from the “same” fund) and still can not get a pre authorization done. Does Due Process mean anything?

*I’m not loosing my faith!* Luke 18:27 Regardless of circumstances I will continue to believe!

Today, my Mother got the official cancer diagnosis. She has been over a year trying to find a gynecologist that would except her insurance. She has been 22 years at the same job. On her days off she would call Doctor offices trying to find one that would take her insurance. Me and my sister tried to help her too. In December she found one several miles away. On her way there she got lost and caught in a snow storm but continued. When she got there even though they knew she drove through a snow storm, they said because she was 25 minutes late they wouldn’t see her. My Mother pleaded with them because she was in so much pain and blood was present at that time. She finally got to a woman Doctor/gynecologist last week that took her insurance. After she examined her she immediately scheduled her for a biopsy the next day. Cancer confirmed today. Surgery for the beginning of September.

     I’m so frustrated with our healthcare system in this Country. Someone with an addiction gets the red carpet treatment. While, all others go to the back of the line and prepare to jump Red Tape hurdles.

IMG_20190820_205122409 Photo by me.. felt appropriate at the time.

Our Country is preparing for elections again. The Left will say, my way is best and The Right will say, my way is best. Both will promise healthcare solutions.

I find this Native American quote the most truthful: “What if I told you both wings belong to the “same” bird!”


Blogger Nomination Award #blogger #blogging #thanks


Thank you, Sarah (aka Skelly) for choosing my Blog with others as a Special Blogger nomination. Your very kind! 🙂

I encourage anyone reading this to check out Sarah’s Blog:  through the WordPress search engine you can also find her Blog by putting in: fabricthatmademe

My five questions from Sarah and my answers:

1. What one thing that keeps you up at night? A year ago my answer would have been different. Now, when I feel insomnia I hand it to Jesus through prayer and declare the victory for a restful night of sleep. Also, the Abide channel on YouTube is what I fall asleep to.

2. What made you start your Blog? I had been following Blogging/Bloggers for awhile and trying to get my nerve up to start my own. Originally, I planned to do it on my 50th birthday but life got in the way. Last Fall I decided one day I’m doing it and no more excuses! Happy with my decision to begin because of all the diverse and colorful Bloggers that share a glimpse into their lives. I love that we are all unique and individual with kindness that stretches across the miles. 🙂

3. Three things about myself that I haven’t shared yet in my Blog:

(1. I like to draw and add poetry to it.

(2. I’m the oldest of three: Me, 1968…my brother, 1970…my sister, 1983. Me and my Mother both had our youngest when we we’re 33.

(3. My Mother had a biopsy on Thursday. The Doctor that did the biopsy told her to be prepared that he believes it is cancer. On August the 22nd the family will find out officially what the results are. I handled everything amazingly well on Thursday because she seemed to handle it well. On Friday I opened my window and smelled  charcoal from a cookout. A flood of family memories came rushing through. I just broke down crying. Lost my Dad in 2007 and the thought of loosing both struck me. I believe in the power of prayer and I also know to trust God’s timing.

4. Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean and why? I prefer the Appalachian Mountains 🙂  I lived in Florida for three years and the ocean is beautiful. Yet, I was raised in SE Ohio among the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range. It is difficult to clearly put into words the amazing beauty and feeling of home when I see the mountains come into view. 

5. What is one thing that you can share that will help others improve their writing or Blog page? Well, I’m still a newbie Blogger 🙂  However, I think the future Blogger in me would say; write like the reader is sitting there in front of you and always be authentically “you” 🙂

Even though I could easily nominate more than three Bloggers. I’m going to keep it simple and nominate “three”:

#1: adiscardedplant, newtoneapblog

   This is my #1 pic because this was my first follower on Marjorie’s Mix. Very kind of you to reach out and follow a newbie 🙂

#2: Irene, Heaven’s Sunshine  check her Blog out for gorgeous photography & images!

#3: Poeticallyyours360, Reflections: A Mindful Journey  check his Blog out for wonderful poetry that flows 🙂

I’m not technologically inclined. So, if I messed up any ones Blog address please correct me in the comments and I will do an edit 🙂

You don’t “have” to participate if you don’t want to 🙂

The three questions for the nominees are:

1. Why did you decide to become a Blogger?

2. If you could live anywhere you chose on Earth, where would you live and why?

3. What is something that you’ve done that no one would expect?

IMG_20190727_202436379 Taken in my backyard by me 🙂

    Hope your enjoying your Summer! Have a blessed week ahead & know that you are loved! (Romans 5:8)


From Doors to Windows #Faith #Peace #Relax


The two sky shots are mine and can also be found on my IG: Marjorie’s Mix. The biblical quote image was discovered on Pinterest.

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for bed. I’ve developed a habit of putting in my Bluetooth ear buds and listening to the Abide meditation channel on YouTube as I’m falling asleep. So, that evening I got comfortable, relaxed have turned off the lights and in bed. Then,”thoughts” crossed my mind; “What if someone tries to break in? Will I hear a noise downstairs if I’ve got these ear buds in?” I was so relaxed and felt so peaceful that I chose to hand that fear over to God. The Word of God states that his angels have charge over me and that I am protected. So, I prayed, claimed the victory and went to sleep. (John 8:44 I knew exactly where the thoughts came from)

The next morning I woke up so refreshed! I slept peacefully and was thanking God for such a restful sleep. I went downstairs brewed my coffee, opened the window shade and with my back to the kitchen counter began to drink my coffee as I viewed the morning sky. However, something else caught my attention. My screen was up blocking my morning view! I put down the coffee, walked over and pulled the whole shade up. I was standing there in disbelief! My screen was completely up and my window was raised about 6-7 inches. Under my window leaned up against my home was a bicycle. It looked like someone tried to break in and something scared them. (Psalm 56:3)

I called the rental manager and he came right over. We both were surprised because I’ve been here over a year and nothing like this happens here. So, he called the police and began to ask neighbors if they might know who the bike belonged to or if they seen anything. Turned out that the bike belonged to the new neighbor’s son’s teenage girlfriend. After the police got here we learned the rest of the story: She was not allowed to be there and after the Mom left early for work she chose the wrong window to try to climb into. I’m happy that for what ever reason that she left my window up. That just demonstrated the power of God to me. The window is an American Craftsman window. So, when she raised the screen a safety measure popped out to prevent the window from being raised but a few inches. (Yes, the window was locked)

This story could have ended much different. However, Mom came home and brought her son over to apologize. He sincerely is a sweet kid. Me and the Mother are both parents to adult children so we do have empathy for each other 🙂 So, instead of our new neighbor relationship being ruined this has only strengthened it and I continue to sleep peacefully knowing that God is always in control. ZZzzz


Tuesday Thoughts #America #elpasoCHALLENGE #Thoughts

20190806_161249-COLLAGE     I waited, I prayed and watched news coverage of the El Paso, Texas / Dayton, Ohio mass shootings before blogging about it.

My youngest son lives in El Paso, Texas. He spent most of the Summer here in Ohio with me before returning on July 22nd. This past Saturday I was calling him to check that he was safe after the El Paso mass shooting at their local Walmart. Thankfully, him and his Texas family are safe!

Less than 24 hours later on Sunday morning my son was calling to see that I was safe after hearing about a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. How can any sane person comprehend such hate!? Everyone is looking for a motive, a scapegoat, anything that makes sense. These were senseless crimes and there is no logical reason other than insane hate. My heart goes out to those families that lost loved ones in both mass shootings. 

This morning the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine proposed Red Flag laws here. Red Flag laws allow family members or police to seek removal of firearms from anyone they fear will cause harm to themselves or others. Governor DeWine is also proposing stronger background checks on firearm purchases. This is bipartisan, involves Due Process and I believe every State should have Red Flag laws. We have to Stop pointing political fingers and move forward together from where we are as a Country united against gun violence!

Ending on a positive note, an El Paso 11 year old has begun the #ElPasoChallenge. The El Paso challenge is doing an act of kindness for each of the victims that have died. This is for healing within the El Paso community. However, a nice idea for our Country to participate in at this time of healing. 

Say No to Hate!

Pray that our leaders do what is right!


Doors #Doors #Jesus #Poetry

IMG_20190802_122401080   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, you think it matters not which door you chose to open? Your open mind, has now been bind. Past hope has now gone blind and yet you believe it matters not which door you chose to open?

Sneaky Tom   Messed up

    You turn to run, what once was innocent fun has stepped through to block out the sun. What have you done? What once was friendship has now come undone. You look for fun but now there is none. Yet, you believe it matters not which door you chose to open?

Your voice breaks, the ground shakes as you fight your way back to the light. Your cry to God has been heard as His almighty hand shuts that door. Do you still believe it matters not which door you chose to open?

1280x1280  (Be cautious opening doors!)   🙂

Rose of Sharon #Grateful #Joy #LittleThings

20190728_085952-COLLAGEPhotos by: Marjorie MyselfNi

My new backyard discovery: The Rose of Sharon shrub 🙂  Currently, in my small backyard I have; honeysuckle in the Spring, Mulberries in the Summer and now this beauty. I have much joy in discovering the little things in our small backyard.

IMG_20190728_085019289 (1) Photo by: Marjorie MyselfNi

The Rose of Sharon attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and ants seem to love the leaves which taste like lettuce. This plant is edible, has medicinal uses and high in vitamin C. A Google search will produce many recipes if your interested in trying. Please make sure you are using the correct plant and not a poisonous one.  🙂

9781977619402_p0_v1_s550x406 (1)       In the Bible, the Rose of Sharon symbolizes beauty and is found in the book “Song of Solomon 2:1” describes the beauty of King Solomon’s lover.

I hope your having a Summer filled with wonder and discovery, even if it is in your own backyard. 🙂

Summer of Innovation #Changes #Innovation #Summer

20190719_113337-COLLAGEInnovation (dictionary, Google search); noun- the action or process of innovating. Synonyms; change, alteration, upheaval, transformation, metamorphoses, reorganization, remodeling..,

My Summer has definitely been innovating 🙂 Do you ever feel like everything is right on track and then here comes the fiery darts of the enemy to “try” to cause upheaval? Well, I hope when that occurs that you continue to move forward and have the ability to see change as an opportunity. I’m currently in the process of replacing my automobile which has come with some stressful moments. However, on the positive I have enjoyed some wonderful Summer walks. 🙂

20190718_201530-COLLAGE Innovate-verb, gerund or present participle: Innovating; make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products. “the company’s failure to diversify and innovate competitively” 

    “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”.  -Steve Jobs

    When negativity knocks on your door it is your choice on how you choose to greet it. 🙂

In all things I will give thanks to God! Thank you Jehovah Jireh my provider! *Deuteronomy 28: 1-13*  🙂

I hope your Summer 2019 has been filled with innovative ideas!




Frugal Supreme Pizza #Frugal #Pizza #Recipe


I believe on my Instagram (Marjorie’s Mix) I posted that this was a three ingredient frugal pizza. However, this is a three item frugal recipe. This is just a simple Summer pizza idea that is fast, convenient and my most favorite..”frugal” 🙂



Ok, first item; Red Baron pizza that I purchased at Save A Lot grocery for $3.49. Follow box instructions and place pizza directly on your oven rack. When it is in for half the time, then it is time to add the second item:


Also, purchased this at Save A Lot for; $1.29. Cook it according to the directions on the bag and drain. Slide the pizza out and place the California Medley on top spread out. Right before pizza is done (keep an eye on the bottom so the crust doesn’t over cook) add the final item:


I always add a handful to the center of the pizza and work it out to the edges. You positively will not need to use the whole bag. Just use the amount you choose. This was also purchased at Save A Lot grocery for $2.39.

The outcome is amazing and we always have leftovers for lunch the next day. The thickness of this is like a casserole and a side salad makes a perfect filling meal.

IMG_20190704_202146964 IMG_20190704_200628508 IMG_20190704_202124591

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